Tax Savings Lunch & Learn – Kelowna and Vernon Events

Tax Savings Lunch & Learn …

Come and learn how you can save more on your taxes with Private Equity Investing in multiple ways

To register for the Vernon event, please click here: Vernon Event Registration

To register for the Kelowna event, please click here: Kelowna Event Registration

Come and learn how…

• By investing correctly you can increase your Investment Income returns and bottom line

• You can invest in Commercial Real estate and…

… generate tax deductions above and beyond RRSP contributions

… deplete your RRSP at no tax

… be able to transfer from an RRSP to a TFSA at no tax

… mitigate taxes paid when business assets are sold

… do estate planning for the long term and esure hard assets are passed to your loved ones


• You will also hear how you can make every eligible health expense you spend tax deductible 

Twin View Financial Ltd. 

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